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Additional Features That Are Nice to Have for Your Dream Home

Real Estate

The bedrooms, baths, dining space, living area, and garage are the basic home areas to have. But if you want your dream home to have more than just the basics, seek expert help from reliable home builders Queensland construction companies offer. You can talk about including the following features to make your new place comfy and stylish:

  1. Library

If you’re fond of books, your library can serve as the perfect place to spend your “me time.” Or if you’re not a book lover, having a small library can be a great way to start reading as a hobby and habit.

  1. Sports, Workout, and Pool Area

Who wouldn’t want to take a refreshing swim after spending a long work-week or weekday, right? Or if you’re a fitness enthusiast, you can have a sports or workout area near the pool. With these health-oriented amenities, you can certainly maintain your workout routines more effectively without going to the nearest resort, gym, or hotel! Expert house builders Queensland has to offer can advise you where best to have your pool area, be it outside or inside the house.

  1. Outdoor Room

If you’ve opted to have your pool area outside the house, it would be nice to have an outdoor room next to it. Equip it with nice garden or outdoor furniture pieces, such as a small side table, mesh chair, bistro table, outdoor sofa, and bean bag chairs.

  1. Guest Quarters

Family gatherings and weekend hangouts with friends are great memories to have. So make room for some guests. Choosing stackable beds and chairs are the easiest ways to make guests rooms space efficient. Just ask questions and take advantage of the design services home builders Queensland contractors have to offer.

  1. Butler’s Pantry and Wine Storage

This home feature is nice to have if you’re fond of cooking. Especially if you already have a family, preparing meals for your brood is a great form of bonding.

  1. Home Theater

Undeniably, a home theatre can certainly add a touch of luxury to your already affluent Hamptons style house. This is the perfect area to watch movies or play online games with your kids, if you have any.

  1. Home Office Area

Whether you’re an office-based employee or freelancer, you could always use a home office where you can do some extra work. Or better yet, this area could be your private space to start your non-work related projects.

  1. Zen-Garden

Lastly, don’t miss to impress passers-by with your home’s stunning Zen-inspired landscape. You can plant fruit-bearing trees and flowering plants at strategic areas of the yard. Then as the seasons pass, enjoy a fascinating play of colours as they bloom and bear fruit. Home builders Queensland has to offer can also help you determine the best water and lighting features needed to add more drama to your garden.

With these features, your home will certainly exude a hotel-like ambience and facade! Hence, there’ll be no need for you to splurge on expensive holidays at five-star resorts. All you need to do is look for credible custom home builders Gold Coast has to offer, such as McCarthy Homes. The company has been offering timeless, custom-built homes for 20 years already, which you might like to consider. For more information, visit their website at: