Five Maverick Tools that Help you Boost your Productivity

The new Mavericks OS X  has been built with over 200 new features and enhancements to help improve on the user experience. You can find Mac software downloads at so that you can explore the new OS X interface. Some of the most important are the productivity tools that help you make the most of your Mac.  Here are some five productivity tools that you can use to optimize the performance of the Mac and also save on time:

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Remote Highlighting

In the age of crowdsourcing, remote collaboration is now a common fixture in most organizations. The new Mac Remote Highlighting functionality enables users deploying the screen sharing feature to now easily highlight areas of the screen or point to objects on the screen using the remote highlighting feature.  This is one of the new enhancements over the Mountain Lion OS X or the Lion OS X.  You can easily walk a colleague you are working with remotely through the screen. The tool can also be used effectively in the remote training of a workforce.

The AirPlay Display

The Airplay is an important tool in the Apple ecosystem that you can apply so as to use your TV as a second screen for your Apple machine.  Enabling the AirPlay mode in the Mavericks OS Xis very easy through simple and straightforward processes. On your computer screen, you can choose the AirPlay icon and then follow the simple procedure: Apple TV > Extend Desktop.  Once you have done this, your Apple screen will be extended to your TV screen. Extend the mouse to the right of the Apple screen and watch it appear on your TV screen!

Sharing Maps

The Maps feature is one of the new additions to the Mavericks OS X.  The feature allows you to check out the directions directly on your Mac device.  This enhancement has been borrowed from the Apple iOS platform, part of Apple’s vision to unify the two platforms.  The feature allows you to share directions on your iPhones, email, messages and even on the AirDrop.

The Password Generator

This is a versatile security feature on the Mavericks OS X.  The tool makes the passwords to your online profiles more complex hence more secure.  The safari will encrypt your passwords and then encrypt them on all the iOS devices. Before you are able to use the Password Generator feature, you must enable the Keychain features. The procedure is as follows: System Preferences > iCloud > then check Keychain.  Lots of websites do not support the Autofill feature so you have to bypass these restrictions when activating the password generator.  To activate this, follow this procedure:  Safari > Preferences > Passwords > check the box that tells you to allow Autofill options. Once you have activated this, Safari will store the passwords every time you visit the websites that ask you to sign in. The passwords will be remembered across all iOS devices which saves on time wasted in remembering passwords or resetting passwords on the online profiles.

Do not disturb feature

This is a useful productivity feature that assists you in minimizing on the distractions that waste your time when working on a task.  With the Do Not Disturb feature, you can mute on all the noises, both online and offline, which can distract when performing tasks. For Mac software downloads, check out .

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